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Oh no! The construction job has gone awry, and the timelines have started splitting again. It's time to call in OXO to repair the damage before it's too late.

Game created by: Alex Benson, Jake Card, and Jessica Card

Art, Animation & Music by: Alex Benson

Game Design & Programming by: Jake Card and Jessica Card

Created for the Portland Indie Gaming Squad June 2020 Slow Jam Game Jam. 

  • Technical theme: Turn-Based
  • Creative theme: Alternate Timeline

Read about the development of the game here:  https://beesknees.games/blog/a-web-developer-walks-into-a-game-jam

Repository: https://github.com/beeskneesgames/June2020Jam


The timelines are collapsing into each other! You're OXO, and it's your job to keep your timeline mostly intact until your vehicle charges and finishes the job for you.

You lose if:
* 50% of the grid falls into the alternate timelines.
* You step into the alternate timelines.

You win if:
* You survive 25 turns without losing.
* You fix all the cells with timeline damage.

Your tools:
These are the tools at your disposal. You only have B action points every turn, so choose wisely!

* Move (1-5 AP): Move to the selected cell (no diagonals). Each cell costs 1 action point.
* Melee fix (2 AP): Fix all the cells adjacent to you (including diagonals).
* Ranged fix (1 AP): Fix a single cell of your choice.
* Bomb (1 AP): Leave a bomb on the selected cell. If the alternate timelines hit the bomb, its cell and all its adjacent cells get fixed (including diagonals).

How the alternate timelines work:
Every turn, the alternate timeline "heads" move to a new cell and consume it. Every 3 turns, each head splits into two. Watch out for exponential growth!

Hit Escape to quit.

Thanks for playing!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsbeeskneesgames, Alex Benson
TagsCute, Game Jam, Turn-based


OXO for Mac 64 MB
OXO for Windows 61 MB

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