A 48hr game jam game by Jake and Jessica Card.

Created for GMTK Game Jam 2021

Theme: Joined Together

Somewhere on this earth, tucked far, far away
Our ancient tradition takes place to this day

A marriage begins in the midst of the night
but must only continue if the score is just right

I tether this rope from your ankle to mine
to show that our love is an infinite line

We play for our marriage, we play for our life
For a higher score means a happier wife


You and your spouse just got married. Congratulations! However, by your family's traditions, you must play a game of Marriage Hockey in order to predict the future of your relationship. Are you doomed, or will you have the best marriage ever? Only the score will tell.

Use WASD to control the groom and the arrow keys to control the bride. Use the rope that connects you to hit the puck and score goals. Each goal is a point toward the future of your relationship. We designed this to be played single player, but can easily accommodate a partner playing one of the controls.

Occasionally, family and friends will throw wedding presents onto the ice to help with your score.

Hit Escape to quit.

Thanks for playing!


Make sure to post your high score in the comments! Our personal best was 11.  It's kind of a hard game so keep trying and make sure to pop those presents to help you out!


Kenney.nl for tilesheets and sprites

https://freesound.org/ for sound effects

PlatformsmacOS, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags2D, Game Jam, hockey, marriage, Top-Down


Marriage Hockey (Windows) 26 MB
Marriage Hockey (Mac) 53 MB


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actual weddings should adopt this concept

What a concept. Made me chuckle. Great Job.

BTW, Would love for you to try my game too.

It is an Action Platformer with unique controls.


Got 8! really cool concept!

Haha it's cool to take a different approach from the chained character concept ;)

Also I did a 9, which is basically a happiness number.

Very cool and very clearly concept


I got a 7! Didn't have time to play a third game, but really cool concept! Love it!

I got a 7 too!


I audibly laughed at the end screen after getting 6 points, this game is so bloody charming! The collision on the rope is a bit broken though, felt like the ball was slipping through every other hit.



It was tricky, but maximizing presents and just slamming pucks as much as possible helped!

With some tweaking, I feel this would be a great minigame in the vein of mario party games.


MAN! i wish i had another person to play this with! seems like a really fun coop game to play!


Loved the theme. :D
Game play is great too, but I could not get more than 5 in.


Oooh I love the movement, and the take on the theme is genius!


I could only get 5 but great game!


So cute game!! It's a hard game, like marriage itself, lol. Personal best: 4. Congrats!! I had a lotta fun playing!

LOL totally. A good marriage takes work, goals, and some help along the way. Thank you so much for playing!


Great game had lots of fun playing it and it's great overall and really fits the theme of the jam I just love it!

Ahhh thank you SO much Solo0kay! We are so glad you took the time to play it!


Thank you for making such a game!


This is so cute! I played this with my partner and we both burst out laughing when we got our result (disaster - divorce immediately...) 

It was really fun to try and figure out a strategy. At first we were just kind of each chasing the pucks independently and hitting them with the players instead of with the rope.

Not sure if it's a glitch or not but sometimes the puck would go through the rope. I was hoping to try and like trap it against a wall and then slide it over to the goal.


Thank you so much for playing, omarshehata!! I'm so glad you liked it! I want you to know that your marriage in the game will not impact your real life relationship outlook.

We were wondering if it could be gamed by potentially leaving a player not moving, but it seems you always have to work together with both sides, which is awesome.

I would like to say this bug was intentional, as it is "slipping under the rope", but that is totally a lie I just made up. We have been trying to fix that, but it seems like when the puck hits the rope (versus the rope hitting the puck), weird things happen. It at least makes the puck easier to get out of corners sometimes, but we would have liked to fix that. Thanks so much for your feedback!!! :)


Love IT!!!

Thank you so much UnderCat39! :)